From the Basement to National Television: Breaking Bad Season Finale & Our Song, Freestyle

Taalbi Brothers

We are excited to share with you that our song Freestyle was featured on Sunday night in the Season 4 Finale on AMC’s Emmy® Award-Winning Drama BREAKING BAD !!!

In the show, near the end of episode 13, tons of crazy stuff starts happening, like somebody gets blown up, then the main guy, Walt, rescues his partner, updates him on all the crazy stuff that went down, AND THEN HE SAYS, “We’ve got work to do!” That’s where Freestyle starts playing while they prep the building for destruction!

The Breaking Bad creator, Vince Gilligan, sent us a message saying how much he loved our music, and couldn’t believe how old we were. This is all so absolutely amazing, and we are honored to have contributed to the record-breaking season finale.

Most of all, we thank YOU for supporting us by being an amazing person that shares our love of music.

We request that you continue your support by taking these actions:

-Download and comment about our song, Freestyle, on iTunes

-Watch the Breaking Bad episode on the AMC Channel this Wednesday night at 12amPT/11pmCT

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Taalbi Brothers